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Worst iPod Accessory Ever

I was looking through one of the great catalogs that I randomly get from B&H, and saw the iCarta+.

My favorite quote from the product description:

The iCarta is great for playing music while you’re in the shower, or for any other occasion.

Any other occasion? How long do you really spend in the bathroom, wishing you could listen to your music? And why would you spend $90 on this? A small stereo, or small speakers, can do the same thing.Except dispense toilet paper.

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As a side, ipod-related note, Isaac just got me one of the new ipod shuffles as a congratulations for passing the bar. That thing is truly amazing. If you stand it on its long side, it’s no taller than my iBook closed. Incredible. And it’s pretty. I already put 166 songs on it and I still have some room. It’s going to be great for the gym (the intended purpose for getting it, to be honest). Can’t wait to see what kind of ridiculous accessories they come out with for this one.

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