Useless eBay Auctions

Sharon was looking at auctions on eBay, and ran across one selling expired Enfamil checks.

It’s four dollars in useless checks. Obviously, no one has bid on it. Who in their right mind would pay at least a dollar (plus shipping!) for expired checks?

Apparently, someone will. Here’s another auction, where someone bought $20 in expired checks for $16.50. There’s no guarantee that a store will even accept them. But someone is willing to take that chance to save a whopping $3.50.

One reply on “Useless eBay Auctions”

Expired checks still work at many places. They don’t usually check the date and the manufactures still make money so they don’t care either. Expiration is just to encourage the moms to get the formula faster. Just to let you know 🙂

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