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Julia’s First Drawing

We were in Target today, and saw these big crayons that would be perfect for Julia to play with. Of course, we got the crayons and took Julia home to draw something.


Now maybe drawing isn’t the best term, and Sharon did help Julia get the crayon on by holding the paper and handing her the crayons. But the scribbling action back and forth – now that’s all Julia.

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Correction. I did not help Julia in any way besides holding the paper and handing her the crayons. She put the crayon to the page and made the drawing all by herself. If Daddy was paying attention to Julia instead of the computer, he would of noticed that. In fact, most of my time was watching Julia flinging the crayon around in the air, not the paper.

seriously! in the lower right hand corner. the body is blue, and the head and ears are black. you’ll have to ask julia what its name is.

After Susan mentioned it, I saw the bunny. At least the head and the ears. I’m a little sketchy on the body. I’m not sure Susan knows about Skippy and Cindy. We have two baby bunnies that live in our back yard and that’s their names. The adult bunny that visits us is Sara. I’m not sure which bunny Julia drew.

see! i’m not crazy. and no, i didn’t know who skippy and cindy are. i knew you had some bunnies in the backyard, but i didn’t know they had names. see, so there, she’s drawing what she sees. that’s a very good start.

I saw the rabbit too – a little abstract maybe, but it’s there. Your father thinks I’m nuts now too. Just a definite lack of imagination!

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