Brinkley for Governor

Finally, a candidate I would vote for. If I only lived in Alaska.

A dog is running as a write-in candidate for governor. It reminds me of my campaign many years ago for GM. The memories. Any proceeds go to charity, so it wasn’t like my campaign, where we just wanted to have some fun.
Apparently, it’s picked up a bit of attention too.

2 replies on “Brinkley for Governor”

i’d vote for a dog, no question. he’d probably do a better job than a lot of humans who hold the post. the weird thing about that news article though – since it’s getting more attention, she’ll give 75% rather than 50% to charity? why not all of it after the cost of making the stuff she’s selling? seems a little strange…

There we go, now the picture is fixed…

I know, if it’s for charity, just take out the cost of making the stuff and give the rest away.

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