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Crazy Cat

I was reading [tag]CNN[/tag] today, and noticed an article about a woman going to court to save her attack cat. Once I read the byline, “Even Prozac can’t tame Lewis the six-toed cat,” I couldn’t wait to read the whole article.

Now it’s a story more suited to pit bulls. Cat attacks people, people demand the cat be killed. It’s not as funny as it is ridiculous. How about she keeps her cat inside all the time? Or puts it on a leash? Then everyone is happy.

My favorite part of the article:

Neighbors say they have been terrorized by Lewis [the cat], saying the cat’s long claws and stealth have allowed the cat to attack at least a half-dozen people and ambush the Avon lady as she was getting out of her car.

No! Don’t ambush the Avon lady!

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that’s funny….the prozac (ok, it’s really elavil) works just great for simon!

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