What’s Wrong With TV

I don’t particularly like TV. There are a few shows on TV that I do like. One of them is Arrested Development. It’s funny and witty. The different lines converge at the end of the episode, in similar fashion to Seinfeld. But for some reason, Fox has decided to cancel the show. Thankfully, there is a petition to show disagreement with that decision.

To top that decision to cancel the show, it has been replaced with Skating with Celebrities. An Emmy-award winning show has been replaced with a reality show. But not just any reality show. A rip-off of a reality show on ABC. Take out dancing, make it skating, and you’ve got a brand new show.

What ever happened to letting a comedy, or any show for that matter, develop? I would think that if a show was good enough to win an Emmy, people will eventually discover it. I admit, I didn’t get into the show until the end of the first season.

On a side note, I watched American Idol for the first time tonight. It was from Greensboro, so I felt a kind of obligation to watch it. The show was absolutely awful. People singing in front of the judges, desparate for their approval, only to get their hopes crushed. This is what people watch for weeks on end? I’ll read a book any day.

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[…] It figures that after my latest rant on what I don’t like about TV, Stewie from Family Guy (one of my favorite shows) will be hosting his own show. Now Stewie isn’t the first animated character to get a talk show; I know Space Ghost had his own show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I had the chance to watch that quite a few times while in school and just loved it. The interviews were pretty funny, and it was just off the wall. I had never seen the original, so I’m sure I’m missing a lot of the inside jokes. […]

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