I was looking at a kids enrichment catalog delivered last week that was meant for the previous family (with 4 kids) that lived here. I was looking at all the neat stuff in there that Sharon and I would like to play with, but our child will probably not even be remotely interested in it. Anyway, there were some puzzle books that caught my eye, with Sudoku being one particularly intriguing one.

Here’s the basics: start with a 9×9 grid, and divide that into 3×3 sections. Place the numbers from 1 to 9, so that each row, column, and 3×3 section has one instance of 1 through 9. Puzzles have numbers already entered, and knowing the rules, you enter the missing numbers in. There’s better explanations out there, so go look elsewhere if so inclined.

Well, I’ve started doing these puzzles, and it’s addicting. I had never heard of it before until I saw that catalog, but judging from Google’s results, there’s quite a following. I’ve taken to play on the London Times site. It has a decent flash implementation, and you can put three numbers in one spot while figuring out which is correct.

Like I’ve said, it can be addicting, so consider yourself warned.

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Hi, people! I have some interesting facts for you 🙂 Anyone know that sudoku was created by an architect? The modern Sudoku was designed anonymously by Howard Garns, a 74-year-old retired architect and freelance puzzle constructor, and first published in 1979. One more: I heard that my favorite game – the popular puzzle game of Sudoku is brought to the next generation of consoles. Go! Suduko 2 has evolved from the original game to provide a variety of new features and game modes. 🙂

Thanks, Kevin

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