Kansas Redefines Science, Science Says “Screw You”

Kansas is one of several states revamping their science curriculum to lessen the role evolution plays, promoting other ideas, like intelligent design or creationism, as science. As a result, two science organizations have refused to grant them permission to use their copyrighted materials in their standards.

I’m not sure that this is the best way to go about promoting evolution. However, there is no mistaking that evolution is a fact. It is not a theory on how the world has come to be. The “bird-flu” virus is a perfect example of evolution in action. Since the time between generations is quite short, genetic mutations happen frequently. Some mutations are good, some aren’t so good. The good ones get passed on down to future generations, the not so good ones die out. Kind of sounds like Darwin…

But I digress. Not allowing Kansas to use evolution material will only backfire. It is like the science organizations just don’t want to play with Kansas anymore, so they are taking their marbles home. I think the information needs to be available, if only to not put the students of Kansas schools at a scientific disadvantage when they enter college and the workforce.

What do you think? Do you agree with the science organizations? Should they not let Kansas use their copyrighted material?

One reply on “Kansas Redefines Science, Science Says “Screw You””

I think that the scientific organizations are doing the right thing. The children of Kansas are going to be at a disadvantage no matter what these groups do. These children are going to be taught an incorrect definition of science and taught incorrect information about the origins of life. By refusing to take part in these new standards by not letting Kansas use their copyrighted material, they are making it that much more difficult for the Kansas School Board to claim that they are teaching legitimate science. As long as the anti-evolutionists can claim that they are teaching an alternative but legitimate scientific theory, they will get away without a Supreme Court challenge.

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