A Mean Looking Bike

This just looks mean. A company in the UK has put the front of a bike on a wheelchair. Supposedly, it’s supposed to be for people in rehabilitation. But it just looks downright mean to me.

What do you think? Useful? Mean? Pointless?

3 replies on “A Mean Looking Bike”

I think it’s a good idea! It lets you get some leg exercise and give the arms a rest.

I’ve seen several homemade versions of this same idea but this is the first mass-produced one I know of. I’ve actually got an old wheelchair in my shop that I’ve been planning to do the same with for a couple of years but alas… time and money…

You know, maybe I missed the point.

Here I am, thinking that people in wheelchairs couldn’t use their legs for much of anything. If they were in a wheelchair, they couldn’t walk. But I suppose if they are in there temporarily, then this could be a good thing.

At least the seat looks more comfortable than a bike seat.

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