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American Girl, Meanie

I ran across a post from Consumerist about a six year old that was denied the chance to get her doll’s hair “styled” at an American Girl store in Manhattan.

On the original post, it was hard to make out exactly what was going on because it was ripe with sarcasm. Here’s the idea: daughter is invited to go with a friend to American Girl Place. She can take her favorite doll and have a “stylist” work up the doll’s hair (for $20!). Turns out the girl didn’t have a real American Girl doll, so said “stylist” refuses to work on the doll. Then the other people in line start to stand up for the “stylist.”

Now I’m not sure how much is really true and how much is just hyperbole. There’s just a few things that seem odd to me. First, twenty dollars to style a doll’s hair? I don’t even spend that much on a hair cut, and I’ve got a lot more hair than a doll. Second, why make a big stink over it not being a real American Girl doll? Who cares? It’s a doll. Finally, $20? Really? I never knew how much those dolls cost in the first place. So I looked it up. I really don’t see myself shelling out that kind of money on a doll for Julia or Baby #2. But that’s just me. I’m cheap when it comes to that, and I’m happy to admit it.