Second Ultrasound


Sharon had her second ultrasound last week. Everything is looking really good with the baby. And the biggest news of all… we’re having another girl!

We had a really hard time naming Julia. Any ideas for the second baby? Leave them in the comments.

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I am more on the traditional side with names, here are some of my faves, Ellen, Grace, Kate, Anne, Emma, Elizabeth, Lily, Olivia, hopefully you can get some ideas. It is the boy names we have hard time with.

Best of luck finding a name.

First of all, you can’t take Emma – I’m reserving that name for my own use. Isaac and I claimed it long ago, so don’t even think about it! The rest of the names in the above post are nice. Kate would be nice. I think I suggested Lily when Julia was still incubating. What else? Erin, Erika, Kelly, Samantha, Meghan, Amy, Heather, Rebecca… I’ll keep thinking.

Susan, why Erika with a k?

I think what I want in a name is one that is well known, but not a perennial top 10 name. Taking that into account, and looking at the SSA Baby Name site, the following would be out: Emily, Madison, Hannah, Emma, Ashley, Abigail, Alexis, Olivia, Samantha, and Sarah. Who knew Abigail and Alexis were such popular names?

It’s funny you should mention the K, because when I was typing it, I was thinking with a C. I don’t know why I ended up typing it with a K. Weird. The K is so harsh, I’d definitely go with the C. But it’s not my favorite name.

Alyson was the other name that I had in mind that I like. Purposely with a Y. I just think it looks nicer with a Y rather than an I.

Please please please dont use Megan or Alyson…those are the only two girl names we picked!!! : )

You guys are really good with the whole name thing…I also liked Olivia and Kate.

Good Luck!

I love the name Isabella or Isabelle, Alyssa, Gwen, Haley, May, Olivia, Sophia, and Victoria.
Just some idea!!!! Have fun!

Okay, we won’t use Megan or Alyson for the second baby.

Sharon has taken a liking to Courtney, and maybe Isabelle (thanks, Summer). I’m not so sure on those though. And let’s not even get started on a middle name…


Hmmmm…you know that Chucky Fox’s daughter is named Isabella.
Some names that hit me right now are Allison, Audrey, Elizabeth, Lauren, Tiffany, Sherry, Steffanie,Megan,Olivia, Janice, Mellisa, Jennifer, Mandy, Pamela, Caroline. I’ll probably have a different list in a bit. Happy hunting.
Yo Mama

I have thought long and hard about baby names lately and nothing seems to stand out from the rest for me. Olivia was my first pick for Julia, but Joe did not like it at all. Even though I still like it, it will sound weird (too close to Julia) if we named baby #2 Olivia now. Here are some of the ones I haven’t thrown out yet.. In no particular order.


From that list I really like Lily the most and Amelia. I never thought about it but how difficult it would be if #2 was named Olivia and when they were in trouble and you tried calling them. Remember to walk around a day saying “_____ stop doing that! _____ quit bugging your sister! _____ pick up your toys!” lol Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

I like Olivia and Erica but they are a little too close to Julia….the whole a thing throws everything off. Natalie is a nice name.

Wow – your heads must be spinning! From Sharon’s list, I like Christina. From Linda’s list, I like Lauren. A name I really like is Amanda. I also like Jennifer and Jessica and think the hype of those names has died down some in the last couple of years. Whatever you decide to name her will seem perfect within a matter of days (as long as you don’t name her Moon Unit or Sunshine!)

Please don’t name her Jennifer or Jessica. Just bad associations with both names. And there are too many of both in the world. Natalie, Lily, Sophie (or Sophia), Isabella, Madeline. There you go, a short list! ๐Ÿ™‚

Still no progress on naming the baby. It’s been easier to not think about it. When we left off, I think our lead options were Michelle and Courtney.

Woohoo – Baby #2! Congrats!!

I like the names Mary, Grace or Lily. Sorry I can’t tell you my two secret best baby girl names – I have sworn myself to secrecy so that I can use them when I have my hypothetical twin girls!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Isn’t it funny – looking back on this, the name Kaitlyn never even came up!

Oh, and as for a middle name….if you are interested in going the P route, Sharon herself did mention Penelope as a potential first name…

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