A Quick Rant, Part 2

Continuing from my rant last week, I find myself again in Panera, again waiting for my car to get fixed. And as with the problems last week, there were problems again today.

I came prepared this time. I dropped off the car, went across the street to Costco to get some pictures developed, then got a hair cut. Only after waiting for two hours did I finally get an update. The part I had originally mentioned last Monday, was ordered on Wednesday, delivered on Friday, and found to be missing parts today.

I had waited two hours to find out I would have to go through this whole process again. They are ordering another kit (or whatever it is), and wait for it to come in again.

The suggestions here are obvious. First, when I want to bring in my car to get fixed, and specifically mention what part needs to be fixed, how about verifying the part is in inventory? Second, check to make sure said part is in inventory before starting any work on the car. Third, include a parts list with any kits that are ordered. Check the parts list against what actually came with the kit to make sure that nothing is missing.

These suggestions not only help me out, but they help out VW. I don’t have to waste my time waiting on my car. VW doesn’t have to waste their mechanics’ time essentially doing rework. Their throughput increases, and they are happy. I only have to wait once to get the work I want done, and I’m (relatively) happy.

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