Eau de Play-Doh?

Now you can buy a [tag]perfume[/tag] that smells like [tag]Play-Doh[/tag]. As this press release explains, it’s available “just in time for Mother’s Day.” Why a mother would want to smell like Play-Doh is beyond me. In fact, why any adult would want to smell like Play-Doh is beyond me. Taken a step further, why anyone would want to spend $20 for an ounce of this boggles my mind.

I remember playing with Play-Doh as a kid. That smell just lingered on me after I was done with it. And it smelled bad. If someone really wanted to get that smell on them, just play with some. Maybe a little Play-Doh behind the ears. That would be a whole lot cheaper than the perfume.

2 replies on “Eau de Play-Doh?”

the fact that the press release repeatedly refers to play-doh as a compound sort of weirded me out. who doesn’t know what play-doh is? doesn’t it sound weird to call it a “modeling coumpound”?

play-doh was awesome…..i was a little kid….and i didn’t mind the smell because i was a little kid…i mean who cares! If mom disapproved of the smell, she would tell me about it and go tell me to wash my hands good…end of story. Now not so much i dont want the smell of play-doh on my hands and I’m 100% sure my mom won’t since she didn’t like it in the first place

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