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My Canon Powershot A700 Review

I have wanted a Canon Digital Rebel for a long time. I already have a Canon Rebel and an Olympus digital camera. But the Rebel takes film, and the Olympus is just old. I’ve had it for 3 or 4 years.

Since Julia was born, Sharon and I have been taking photographs like mad. The Olympus was too slow, ate batteries like candy, and only took mediocre pictures. The Rebel took much better pictures, but I paid for every pictures I took. We needed a new camera.

I tried to convince myself that I needed a Digital Rebel. The PMA, a huge photography trade show, was to be held at the end of February. I thought that a successor to the Digital Rebel XT would be announced, and I could get the XT on the cheap. Canon had other ideas, and announced a higher end model. I almost gt the Digital Rebel anyway.

I found the Canon Powershot A700 instead. It was only introduced in February, so I couldn’t find any reviews on it. So I took a chance on it anyway. I’m glad I did.


  • Totally manual control – 1/2000″ to 15″, f/2.8-8.0, ISO 80-800, and manual focus
  • Huge LCD screen
  • Movie mode – with sound! It will do 640×480 at 30fps until you fill out the memory card
  • Good image sensor
  • 6x optical zoom (like 35-210mm)
  • Picture burst mode – it will take about 2 pictures a second for a while. I’ve taken 60-70 in a single burst before I stopped.


  • Still a delay between pressing shutter and taking picture
  • 16MB SD card included – give me a break, that’s like 6 pictures at the highest settings
  • Autofocus could be better

So there you have it. For $300, you can get your hand on a very nice point and shoot digital camera with full manual control.

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6 replies on “My Canon Powershot A700 Review”

have you tried out the movie mode? i read some reviews of canon’s older digital elphs, and they said there was a hiss in the sound. they fixed it with the elph sd550, so i imagine it wouldn’t have it on this one. just curious though.

oh, and by the way – the most recent pictures of julia are great. must be the camera. 😉

i love both of those too. the first one is currently my desktop, and gets lots of “oooo” “awwww” and “oh my god” (as in, oh my god, that’s so cute). i also really like the black and white one where she’s sort of looking to the side – i have that one printed and framed.

nice camera…and yeah my Canon came with 16MB…who in their right mind takes 5 or 6 pictures. Well, unless you like carrying a laptop along with your camera….

But I think Canon has better cameras in general…a lot of people i know have one and it takes great pictures but they all have that slight delay in taking pictures which get quite annoying after a long night on the town 🙂

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