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More Pictures

Here’s more pictures of Julia.

Flipping Julia

She grows up so quickly!

5 replies on “More Pictures”

only almost 6 weeks old, and already she’s learned to give the finger! i’m so proud!

Joey, just wait to she gives someone a hickey…………….Seriously Fallon did that to one of my sister in laws.

Uhm what? Hickey? I don’t think I understand what that has to do with the picture. Besides I think I’ll teach Julia not to suck on people.. :o) We’ll stick with flippin people off..

Well besides for the finger, Sure, when Fallon was a baby she was actually sucking on my sister in laws’ neck. Not to burst your bubble, but Joe’s cousin did the same thing with the finger. Besides that she is adorable. My niece, on my wifes side did 2 fingers…………now that was a site to see.

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