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Two Weeks

So we’re getting into that home stretch here. Sharon’s due date is only a couple weeks away, and she could into labor at any time now. I’ve taken some pictures of Sharon’s progression.

27 weeks 27 weeks, side 27 weeks, side
36 weeks 36 weeks, side 36 weeks, front
38 weeks 38 weeks, side 38 weeks, front

Sharon has also taken a poll of about 40 people at work to see when they think Sharon will have the baby, how much the baby will weigh, and if the baby is a boy or girl. The average guess is that she will have the baby on February 10, and the baby will be about 7 and a half pounds. It was just about 50/50 on boy or girl. Our doctor is guessing 8 pounds, and the due date all along has been February 11.

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