Four Weeks to Go!

Four weeks until Sharon’s due date guessed by the doctors, that is. Of course, we all know that the baby will be born during the Super Bowl, where, of course, the Colts (one of Sharon’s teams, Cleveland is the other one) will be playing.

The baby has been quite active lately, and is really making Sharon’s life difficult. About a week ago, she could not fall asleep for over two hours, because the baby thought it was a wonderful time to have a dance contest.

So when do you think the baby will be born? Make it known in the comments below, and the closest to the date will win a piece of junk lovely prize.

3 replies on “Four Weeks to Go!”

i’m gonna guess the 8th…close to her due date, but not exact. i think she’ll go just a few days early. dunno why.

I’m guessing a Valentine’s Day baby, although I’m hoping for Sharon’s sake that it’s earlier.

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