Sharon’s Trip to the ER

Update – 1/2/06 10:48 – I’ve added pictures of Sharon’s thumb to the gallery.

On Monday night, Sharon was slicing red onions with a mandolin (not that one, this one) and caught a piece of her thumb. Of course, she wasn’t using the entire guard. Instead, she was using just the guide, which got stuck on the onion, slipped, and she sliced her thumb.

I ran upstairs trying to find anything that could cover up her thumb, while Sharon tried to control the bleeding on her own. Looking back, maybe I shouldn’t have run upstairs so quickly. After a couple minutes, we decided a trip to the ER was in order. All that was left was collecting the sliced-off section and putting it on ice.

We got through the waiting room and to our own room exceptionally fast. However, when we saw a TV in the room, we knew we were in trouble. There was a guy across the hall that was in because his nose was all busted up, and he was in excruciating pain whenever he sneezed. In the room next to him was a girl that was getting a cyst removed from her buttocks. Even with the door closed and our TV on, her screams of pain came across loud and clear. So we waited.

After about an hour or so, Sharon was finally looked at. Since it was more of a slice, attaching the bit we brought it would do no good. Stitches were also out of the question; there was nothing to stitch up. So they injected a local pain killer and wrapped it up. We now clean her thumb and redress it twice a day.

I got some pictures of the first time the gauze was taken off. Look for them next week, once we get home.