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nano headphones
I have finally found the elusive Bluetooth headphones for my iPod. This, after waiting patiently announced it, but I guess it was just vapor.

The same site also had some headphones that you can plug an iPod nano directly into. I know that a nano is small, but would it really be comfortable with one on the side of your head?

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bluetooth headphones…that’s pretty cool. but would you want whatever sort of waves those are so close to your head? bad enough using a cell phone…

and i don’t know if you’ve seen a nano in person or held one – but with big headphones like that, you wouldn’t even notice it was there. the thing is so small and light, i would almost be afraid of breaking it if i pushed too hard on the scroll wheel.

I’ve seen a nano before, but haven’t held one. They are small. After I saw these headphones, I saw a wallet that held a nano. The other thing is that I’m not fan of keeping it out in the open like that.

As for the bluetooth, I figure there are enough radio waves out there anyway (cordless phones, wi-fi, cell phones, etc…) that bluetooth probably isn’t any worse.

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