Video iPod

So the iPod now plays videos. This, after I remember Steve Jobs saying he didn’t see much need for an iPod to play videos a year or two ago.

Don’t know about you, but I can’t say I would be a big fan of staring at a 2.5″ (320 x 240px) screen to watch videos. The battery life also makes watching movies iffy – it’s only rated for 2 hours. But there is an AV cable for hooking it up to a TV.

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No kidding. The press tends to hang on every little annoucement Apple makes lately, especially when it comes to the iPod.

I do have a 4th generation iPod, and don’t have any plans of upgrading (it’s only a year old!). It doesn’t have a color screen, doesn’t show photos, videos, it’s probably considered a bit clunky now, but it just works. I’m happy with what I can get on there, battery life is good enough, and it sounds pretty good. It plays with iTunes and my PC just fine too. All I was interested in was having a hard drive based music box. And that’s all I need.

I used to have an MP3 CD player that worked quite well, but it was far too awkward compared to the iPod. There was no display on the player itself; instead, it was an inline remote, which the headphones (or car adapter) plugged into. So I would have this jumble of wires connecting to the player. That was my biggest problem with it. I also wasn’t a fan of carrying around a bunch of CDs in my bag.

What I don’t get are the people that have multiple iPods. They have an older one, then the latest and greatest comes out, so they get that too. What’s up with that?

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