Back in the Saddle

It’s been a hectic week. After the move, we didn’t have any cable or internet access until tonight. So I’m back, and will be updating again.

As for the move, it’s continuing, and feels like it will take forever. Packing is easy. Unpacking seems a lot harder. Even though we nearly doubled our living space, it still feels like we don’t have room for everything.

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Moving is hard! Right about the unpacking being worse. We all have too much junk that we can’t seem to part with. It aways seems like it is hotter than hell every time you move.

Somehow, we managed to pick what was probably the hottest weekend in August to move. We moved a couch from the truck inside, and were dripping with sweat.

What amazes me is how Sharon packed everything into the apartment. What was neat with the packing (and subsequent unpacking) was discovering all the stuff that had been forgotten. It’s like a mini time capsule.

Next time we move, we’re hiring someone!

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