Baby Heartbeat

Sharon had her latest doctor appointment on Tuesday. Pretty routine, Sharon answered some questions, then we got to hear the baby heartbeat! It was really neat to actually hear that.

What wasn’t so good, the appointment was at 8, but the doctor didn’t get in until 8:45. Does something seem wrong with that? Or is it just me?

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If you thought 45 minutes was a long wait then just wait until next time, Joe… you embarassing me in a public forum is the last mistake you’ll ever make, my so-called friend. You and Sharon will be sitting out in the waiting room while I take a 4 hour nap. Then I’ll be short with you, cutting you off and insulting you every time you open your mouth to speak. I hope you’ve got good medical insurance for the facial reconstruction I’m going to give you “on the house.”

Dr. S

Dr. S,

I look forward to the “facial reconstruction” you’re going to give. Especially since it will be free! Everything else you do is so damn expensive, and I understand you need to yourself and your family. But then to cut your nap short, just to do this for me… wow! How does a week from Thursday sound?


Make your move, son… but if you’re going to punch me, make sure you knock me out on the first punch. It will be your only chance.

Punch you? Glad to. And trust me, I’ll only need one chance.

Now I hope this won’t get in the way of you delivering my child. If it does, then we’ll really have some issues.

Joe – Stop making disparaging remarks to the doctor!! Sharon may decide she wants drugs during labor and that’s the man who will be ordering them! And when was the last time you got to see a doctor at the scheduled time?

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