VexIQ Bankshot 1

Julia and her friend Landon did VexIQ yesterday and did really well. They built a small robot that they controlled to get some balls off a ramp and over a gate. They also work with other teams, trying not to get in each other’s way and work together. Here are a couple videos from yesterday. In each video, the robot that Julia and Landon built is on the right side of the table.

[videojs mp4=”https://bastone.org/video/VexIQ_20160109_1.mp4″ height=”406″ width=”720″]


[videojs mp4=”https://bastone.org/video/VexIQ_20160109_2.mp4″ height=”406″ width=”720″]

Julia, Kaitlyn, Video

Piano Recital

The piano recital for Julia and Kaitlyn came early this year, but the girls still really well. The theme this time around was “Surprise” and there was no order to the program; the order was chosen at random. First up was Julia and Kaitlyn doing a duet.

[videojs mp4=”https://bastone.org/video/recital_20151227_1.mp4″ height=”406″ width=”720″]


Then a bit later, it was followed up by Julia’s solo.
[videojs mp4=”https://bastone.org/video/recital_20151227_2.mp4″ height=”406″ width=”720″]


Then Kaitlyn did her solo.
[videojs mp4=”https://bastone.org/video/recital_20151227_3.mp4″ height=”406″ width=”720″]