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TiltShiftMaker is an awesome site that takes any photo and tilt-shifts it to make it look minature. I took a try with an old picture from Grandfather Mountain.

Here’s the original picture:


Here’s the output from the site:


I think it’s looks quite interesting, and it’s amazingly easy to use.

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Baby? Burrito?


Is this for real? That must have been a big burrito!

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Cartoon Theme Songs From the 80s

I stumbled on a collection of ten cartoon theme songs from the 80s.

This brought back many memories of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. But after watching each of the videos, it was amazing that every one of these videos were a minute long, give or take a couple seconds.

What’s your favorite one? I was surprised to see GI Joe, He-Man, and Thundercats weren’t on the list, but someone posted links in the comments.

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Ms. Pac Man Commercial

Go here to watch an old-school Ms. Pac Man commercial. This stuff was actually on TV at one time? I was speechless after watching it, not knowing how to even react to it.