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Air and Space Museum

Continuing our weekend in DC, we went to the Air and Space Museum next to Dulles. In short, it was awesome. Seeing all those airplanes and the space shuttle up close was great. The kids were relatively well behaved, likely because it wasn’t crowded and there was a ton of room for the girls to run around.

There was only one major complaint. There was only one food choice there (McDonalds), and it was outrageously priced (probably a 25-40% premium over a typical store). Of course, you could leave the museum, if you take food along and leave it in a cooler in your car, then go to the picnic area outside. But since we didn’t know there was a picnic area there, that wasn’t an option for us.

Anyway, we had a really good time there.

Julia Kaitlyn

National Zoo

We went to DC last weekend to visit Susan and Isaac. Our first stop was the zoo. It was hot that day, so the animals were pretty inactive and trying to stay in the shade. We didn’t get to see everything, but did manage to see the pandas (also sleeping).

All in all, we had a pretty good time at the zoo, and stopped at 2Amys for some delicious pizza.