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Kaitlyn’s 2nd Birthday

Kaitlyn celebrated her 2nd birthday a few weeks ago. My parents came down for a couple days, and we went to the Please Touch Museum. (Photos of Please Touch Museum will be coming soon.) Kaitlyn really liked the bicycle she got, and wanted to get on it right away, even though she can’t quite pedal yet. The cell phone was a huge hit too. She’s still playing with that one a lot, even playing with it as I type.

These are some pictures from the “party” we had, which was actually little more than inviting our neighbors over and having some cake that strangely tasted a bit like cornbread. It was good, but just a little odd for a birthday cake. Damn you, Martha Stewart.

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Julia’s Third Birthday

Julia turned 3 on Saturday, and we had a party for her. I can’t believe she’s already three years old! I still vividly remember taking Sharon to the hospital at 4am, then waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more. I remember cradling Julia and taking her right to the nursery from the OR, scared out of my mind that I was going to trip and fall. And now she’s three!

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Kaitlyn’s First Birthday Party

Kaitlyn turned one year old last Saturday, and we had a birthday party for her.

Sharon made ice cream cake and cupcakes for the party, and they proved to be quite popular. Kaitlyn especially liked the icing on the cupcakes – then again, who wouldn’t like pure sugar? When she got to the actual cupcake, she took the plate and dropped it off the table. Then she looked down at it, but wasn’t too worried about the mess it made.