So soon?

It started simple enough.

Sharon’s period was always a little late and this time was no different. It was ‘supposed’ to start on May 31, but, as usual, was running late. We decided, jokingly, that if it had not started by June 10 we would get a pregnancy test. Sharon said she always wanted to try one of them things, and this would serve as a good practice run.

A very good practice run, indeed.

We found this 3-pack of tests at Target, and it was something like $10, so we figure, “Why not?” We’re going to be using them later anyway, so buying in bulk is good. We got home, and Sharon skillfully took the test. Normally, you are supposed to wait 3 minutes before looking for the lines, but they were showing up less than a minute later.

Sharon’s next response, “Umm… Honey, can you come here?”

This wasn’t how we expected it to happen. Shock took over as we both stared at those incessant red lines looking up at us, so smug in that pregnancy test. But was it right? Sharon couldn’t go to the bathroom again, so we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally, an hour and half and a 32 oz bottle of water later, Sharon tried again. Another positive result. Now it’s starting to sink in. We are going to have a baby.

Still not completely satisfied, we went to Walgreens to find another test, figuring that getting another test of a different brand in a different store would somehow validate the previous two tests. But they were hideously expensive, so we went to the other Target in town. Being a different Target store would have to do. We got another test, the one with the little readout that says “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.” That one was a bit more complicated to use, but Sharon’s test-taking skills proved no match for this test either. Again, you wait a few minutes to find out, but Sharon wasn’t even done washing her hands before it said she was pregnant.

The evidence was mounting. Three tests, three positives. We decided it was better to wait until morning to test again.

This morning, Sharon took the tests again. We had one of the first test yet to try, and one of the second test, so she did both. Both of them came back positive almost immediately. Now I’m thinking, Sharon’s still batting 1.000, it’s really true. We’re having a baby!

Of course, Sharon will be going to the doctor ASAP to find out “for sure.” After that, this post will be showing up online, and we’ll be keeping track of her progress on this. Keep checking back for more details!



Quite an addictive game. The game shows a grid of 20 pictures from the Google Image Search, and you guess what keyword was used to get the images. I managed to score 338.


Mars Rover out of the ditch

Good to see the Opportunity rover getting out of the sand trap. In this case, every little inch counts…


Monkey Business

So it looks like people act a lot like capuchin monkeys, or vice versa. A very interesting read.

Quick intro: “…in a clean and spacious laboratory at Yale-New Haven Hospital, seven capuchin monkeys have been taught to use money, and a comparison of capuchin behavior and human behavior will either surprise you very much or not at all, depending on your view of humans.”


Millennium Simulation – the largest ever model of the Universe

And the answer is 42.

But really, they will simulate the early universe, and what do they gain out of it? This simulation must take into account all sorts of assumptions that may or may not be true, and could totally throw the whole simulation out of whack.


U.S. residents addicted to e-mail

I admit it, I do have several e-mail addresses. But they do (eventually) get funneled into my gmail account. There’s the alumni account, my domain account, and my gmail account. Then there’s the yahoo account, but I could care less about that. I could actually make up several hundred too (…, but that would just be silly.
Go to article.


Grandfather Mountain

We went to Grandfather Mountain yesterday. Had a good time, but it was a bit windy, with wind gusts peaking around 70 mph at the peak. Crossing the bridge at the top wasn’t a big deal, but trying to walk on the rocks was a bit tricky, especially when the wind picked up.

Also saw a bear habitat exhibit, an eagle habitat exhibit, a panther habitat exhibit, a river otter exhibit, and a deer habitat exhibit (but no deer). Wasn’t too disappointed to not see any deer, since I’ve seen them close up before. Check out the image gallery for uploaded photos.


iPods in odd positions

So I’m trying to figure out the usefulness of the iGuy, when I notice the different positions they have it in. You can bend the iGuy into a sitting position and place it on the iPod dock. But a bit more bluntly, it looks like your iPod/iGuy is taking a shit.

Seriously, the iGuy is not ‘chilling out’ on the dock as the caption on the site suggests. All you need is a bit of reading material in it’s lap, and you’re set.


Deep Ocean Water = Free Energy?

Not sure if this could really work, but it sounds like a neat idea. He claims a lot of things too – free cooling, faster crop cycles, etc., etc…

Gadgets Games

Lego Star Wars

Watch the Lego Star Wars movie. I found it quite entertaining. Yoda walking around was pretty funny too, it was just like those lego guys. There’s more stuff at but all the movies were garbled.