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Sharon on TV

Our home builder, THP, laid off all their employees on Monday, leaving us with a half finished community. The local NBC affiliate was in the area yesterday afternoon, looking for people who had placed deposits on houses, only to be left with nothing. (Note to NBC10: they don’t live here yet because their house isn’t finished.)

Sharon went out there to talk with some other homeowners, and ended up getting pushed into an interview. She ended up in the clip below. It’s toward the end of the clip, and I think what they used really makes it look like Sharon is losing a deposit.

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Conversations With Julia – Part 4

More gold from Julia…

A few days ago, I had given Julia and Kaitlyn their vitamins. They love it; Sharon or I can just say “Who wants vitamins?” and they jump up and down and run to the kitchen.

Anyway, I give them their vitamins, and remind them to say “Thank You.” Most of the time, they are good about it, but they had forgotten that night.

Julia and Kaitlyn: Thank You.
Me: You’re welcome. I want my girls to be kind.
Julia: Kind?
Me: Yes, kind is to be nice to other people.
Julia, thinking for a few seconds: I’m not kind… I’m pretty.

At that point, it struck me that we’re raising a diva…


Conversations With Julia – Part 3

Julia is on the potty, and Kaitlyn is playing in the sink with a soap container. Kaitlyn drops the container in the sink and says, “Oh no!”

Julia, Kaitlyn, and me: “Oh no!”

We go round and round a couple times, saying “Oh no!”

Then, out of nowhere, Julia says, “Mr. Bill!”

I haven’t seen those Mr. Bill commercials in several months, so either Julia has either seen it recently, or has a really good memory.