Mosquito Tone Test

I stumbled on this link (via Mental Floss) to a test to measure how high a frequency you can hear. We started testing this on the laptop, and I could hear up to 16kHz, and Sharon could hear 17 kHz. But we tried on the desktop speakers, and I could hear 17 kHz, and Sharon could hear 18 kHz. According to the chart accompanying the post, that’s pretty good for late-20s/early-30s.

How do you do?


Julia’s Self Portraits

Julia had a phase recently where she was taking a ton of pictures of herself. Instead of uploading all the pictures, I played with the collage function in Picasa.

She’s developed a habit of needing to immediately see the picture after it’s been taken. When she’s taking pictures of herself, this isn’t a problem; she just flips the camera around and looks at the screen.

However, when I’m trying to take a picture, she insists on coming over to the camera, and gawking at herself on the camera. It gets old quickly.