100 Days To Go

On the news this morning, they were noting that it’s only 100 days until Inauguration Day. Which also means a certain someone only has 100 days left on the job. Let’s hope he doesn’t screw up the works too bad…

Random, Web

After letting my other domain sit idle for several months, I’ve been adding stuff to my other blog, It uses Tumblr, which is perfect for those quick links or other odd things that I want to share, but don’t care to create a new post here. You can see it get updated on the right sidebar. Enjoy!


Worst. Advice. Ever.

So the market is down eleventy percent in the last few days, and people have lost a lot of paper worth in the stock market. What’s Jim Cramer’s advice? Sell, sell, sell! (Or as Sarah Palin might say, “Sell, baby, sell!”)

I thought the first thing everyone buying stock learns is, “Buy low, sell high.” But, silly me, I guess that’s what you do when you want to, you know, make money.

How he still has a job is beyond me. Wait, I know – he gives the NBC networks that market “advice” and provides some obnoxious “entertainment” at the same time.