Conversations with Julia

I’m sitting in the car with Julia and Kaitlyn, waiting for Sharon to come out of the store.

Julia: Look daddy, look!

I turn around and look at Julia. She’s holding a booger on her finger.

Me: Oh Julia, let me get a tissue for you.

Julia: No daddy, I eat it.

Me: No, don’t…

And Julia eats it.

Random Web

Hershey “Chocolate”

I was reading Consumerist, and Hershey is starting to make some of their “lower end” candy with fake chocolate. Thankfully, Hershey bars, and some other candy will still be milk chocolate.

Does Hershey really think we’re that stupid? Of course we know why they are going with the cheaper chocolate-like product: it’s cheaper. Real chocolate has cocoa butter, which has gotten much more expensive. And companies can use cocoa butter in higher margin items, like stuff in Bath and Body Works. But don’t tell us that “consumers love this and prefer the change,” because we know that is ridiculous.

Julia Kaitlyn Photos

Picture Gallery #46

Here is a set of pictures of both Julia and Kaitlyn. It’s hard to get both of them next to each other without Kaitlyn climbing all over Julia. It’s quite difficult to get both of them to look at the camera at the same time. And getting both of them to smile at the same time while looking at the camera and sitting next to each other? Some of these pictures in this post are as close as we’ve gotten.

Side note – did you know today is Grandparent’s Day? That site is all over the place – the top announces this year’s winners and the sidebar has mentions from a contest in 2006. Further down, it talks about who was inducted into the “Grandparents Hall of Fame” in 2003.

Julia Photos

Picture Gallery #45

This set of pictures is all Julia. She makes all sorts of facial expressions whenever we are talking to her. It’s very Italian – she talks with her hands all the time.

Kaitlyn Photos

Picture Gallery #44

This is a gallery of just Kaitlyn pictures. As you can see from the first row of pictures, she has become quite the daredevil, standing on anything that is even slightly elevated. She’s also learned to say “Cheese” when a camera is put in front of her face, no doubt something learned from Julia saying “Cheese” when posing for pictures.

Home Julia Photos

Picture Gallery #43 – Pictures by Julia

Here is another set of pictures taken by Julia. She’s still using our trusty Canon A700 – a camera that was the top of the “A” series for Canon for about five minutes (it was announced in February 2006 and replaced by the A710 IS in August 2006). It’s been through quite a bit, but it’s still working quite well, and taking decent pictures. Decent pictures, at least when the lens isn’t dirty.