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RIP, Pebble

After getting some more supplies last night for Pebble, like more food and a little house/treasure chest thing, we came home to find Pebble floating on it’s side. We told Julia that Pebble was “sleeping,” and after Julia went to bed, Pebble got a proper “burial.”

So that concludes our mini-adventure into Julia’s first fish. What’s the next pet we have to look forward to? A hamster? A gerbil? Maybe another fish?

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Julia’s New Fish – Video

After we got Julia a fish, I took a video of Julia telling Pebble to eat. I can’t help but share it, it’s just that cute.

Eat Pebble, Eat


Megan’s First Birthday

We went up to Monticello this past weekend for Megan’s first birthday. It was at the Fireman’s camp, and Julia and Kaitlyn had a blast at the lake. Julia would have stayed in the lake the entire time if we let her. Kaitlyn, on the other hand, wasn’t as eager to go into the lake, but warmed up to it soon before we left.

Here’s a video of the birthday girl checking out her cake.

Megan likes the cake

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Julia’s New Fish

We went to the Red Hill Fire Department carnival last Friday. It was a small carnival – we walked around the whole thing in just a few minutes, and we were thinking, “This is it?” But they had a couple games there that Julia was quite interested in. One was a fishing game, with a simple “S” hook as the fishing hook, and several rings on dozens of plastic fish in an inflatable pond. Julia played it once and immediately grabbed a fish. I don’t even think she had time to understand what she had done. So we got a crap prize (they are all crap prizes, but that’s okay – it’s about supporting the Fire Department), and we went on our way.

Then we played the fish game – the one where you try to throw impossibly old and dirty ping pong balls into small fish bowls. Julia couldn’t quite throw the ball up high enough, so we had to help out. Kaitlyn had no interest at all in that, and just wanted to walk around. On our last throw, I got “lucky” and got a ping pong ball in the fish bowl. Julia was the proud owner of a fish in a plastic bag.

What to do with the fish? We were heading to Monticello for a party the next day (see tomorrow’s post on that…), and we couldn’t just leave the fish in the bag, since Julia had named the fish. (Pebble – all Julia’s work, we had nothing to do with it.) So we did what any parent would do – we went to Wal-Mart and found the cheapest fishbowl set we could find. It was like $8 and had everything we would need: bowl, gravel, odd plastic plant, some fish food, and a net. We spent Friday night getting the bowl ready, and made the transfer on Saturday morning. As of this writing, Pebble seems to be doing just fine.


Susan and Isaac’s Wedding

Susan and Isaac got married last weekend in NYC. Sharon was the matron of honor, and both Julia and Kaitlyn were flower girls. The ceremony was very elegant, but Julia dumped all her flowers a bit prematurely. Kaitlyn was amazed by everyone looking at her, and needed some help walking down the aisle. But all of our fears about Julia and Kaitlyn crying and screaming went unfounded. (At least until later in the night, when Kaitlyn just wanted to go to sleep.)

See more pictures that we took in the gallery. Julia also took some pictures; those pictures are in her gallery. Roberto took some great pictures too and they are in his gallery.

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Tug-of-war in the Olympics

Did you know that Tug-of-war was an Olympic sport until 1920? There sure have been some strange sports as Olympic events.