Cake Wrecks

Sharon pointed me to a blog about messed up, strange, or otherwise awful cakes. I think it just goes to show that you can have a blog about anything at all. This one makes me laugh though. It was certainly an enjoyable waste of a few minutes.

I was going to put another picture up, but decided that I really don’t want to have that kind of stuff on this site. So here’s a link instead. (I just feel bad for whoever had to “decorate” that cake.)

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TSA-Friendly Laptop Bags?

I saw on OhGizmo that there are laptop bags that now let you keep your laptop inside the bag. Of course, that all depends on whether or not the TSA actually bothers to realize it can stay in the bag. They might be so used to all laptops being taken out that they won’t care that this bag avoids that mess.

When I travel, I have up to 5 things that have to go through – my suitcase, my shoes, my laptop, and my laptop bag, and the miscellaneous stuff like my cell phone, tolietry bag (where’s that shampoo bomb the government is so scared about?), etc… It’s crazy to have all those things go through for each person.

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Picture Gallery #41

I found some leftover pictures of our trip down south. A lot of these pictures are from the NC Zoo. We picked a wonderful day to go – it was overcast in the morning, which kept the crowds away. By the time Julia and Kaitlyn were ready to go, the sun had been out for a bit and crowds were really growing.

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Kaitlyn’s First Birthday Party

Kaitlyn turned one year old last Saturday, and we had a birthday party for her.

Sharon made ice cream cake and cupcakes for the party, and they proved to be quite popular. Kaitlyn especially liked the icing on the cupcakes – then again, who wouldn’t like pure sugar? When she got to the actual cupcake, she took the plate and dropped it off the table. Then she looked down at it, but wasn’t too worried about the mess it made.


T-Shirt Headlines?

Have you seen this new link on some articles on CNN? It takes a headline and converts it into a t-shirt. Like this one about mean teens.

Who is going to walk around wearing a shirt like that? It’s really strange.