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Picture Gallery #22

So after an eternity, I’ve uploaded about 200 pictures of Julia and Kaitlyn, going all the way back to September. Below, I’ve highlighted some of the older pictures. I’ll keep posting more galleries to highlight more of the pictures over the rest of the week.

Julia’s Gallery
Kaitlyn’s Gallery
Julia and Kaitlyn Together Gallery

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Picture Backlog

So I’m just noticing how far I’ve fallen behind in the picture galleries. Well, it has been a busy last couple months, with the move, new job, etc…

I’ll be working on getting some new pictures online here in the next couple days. (I promise!)


On Standard Time…

Now that we’ve fallen back an hour, I’m heading to work before sunrise and getting home after sunset. So I’m literally working sunup to sundown. And it’s depressing. At least before the time change, it would be sunny on the way home. Sunset was at 4:54 today? That just makes me sad. In Greensboro, sunset was half an hour later, so it was still somewhat light when I got home.

Oh well, summer will be better…