End of an Era

Yesterday was my last day working on site here in Greensboro. Change has been in the air for the last couple months, and it all came to an end yesterday. It was a good 6+ years here, and I’ll miss the good people I’ve worked with. We’ve started to like the area. It has quite a bit in terms of shopping nearby, and it’s never felt like a really big city. The growth here has been quite manageable, so it hasn’t ended up like the suburbs of Atlanta, where traffic is just horrendous practically all the time.

Now I look forward. I’ve accepted a new position in Fort Washington, PA, a suburb north of Philly. It’s still with Honeywell, but my role has changed significantly. It’s not even worth trying to describe what I did here or what I’ll be doing there. I won’t go into detail about what I did here, only because it was so varied that I can’t summarize it into a blog-sized post. And I don’t think I have fully comprehended what I’m getting into with the new position.

The next month will be chaotic, even more so than it has been lately with Julia and Kaitlyn. Thankfully, the house here is under contract to be sold, so that’s one big hurdle cleared. We’ve been looking at housing up that way, and will continue to look. The big move will be at the end of next month. Until then, all the other pieces will (hopefully) continue to fall into place.

To that end, this blog will need a new name, seeing as how I will am no longer “stuck” in Greensboro. Any suggestions?

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“It keeps the animals away.”

Hot off the heels of a stupid criminal back in Ashland, comes an even better one here in Greensboro.

So this 71 year old woman was caught growing pot in her front yard. A sheriff deputy saw the four foot tall plant growing in her yard while he was driving by. Her reason for keeping it there? From the article, “she said it was a special plant used to keep animals away from her garden.”

Umm… sure. And the bong found inside? Maybe it was the smoke that kept the animals away, not the plant itself? Yeah, that’s it.

But I’m also wondering about this: it has been ridiculously hot here all month. How in the world did this pot plant not wilt like our entire garden did? If anything, she’s pretty good at gardening.

One more thing… a daughter was living there too and didn’t know the plants were there. Really? Are you that oblivious to miss a 4 foot tall pot plant in your front yard? Maybe you were smoking some of that stuff too?

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Picture Gallery #20

Things are still hectic around here, if my lack of posting much here is any sort of sign. I think we’re starting to get into a routine, which will be broken soon anyway.

Audrey came out to visit us last week for a few days, and it was absolutely wonderful. She really took to Kaitlyn, as you can see here.

Stay tuned for more. I’m working on another video week, possibly as early as next week. Till then, I hope to post a little bit more often.

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Picture Gallery #19

As anyone could imagine, things have been quite hectic around here lately. We’ve been without any Grandma (or Grandpa) help for over a week now, and right now we’re just trying not to go insane.

We missed taking pictures when Kaitlyn was a month old, but we did manage to take some a few days later. She’s doing well, still doing all that typical baby stuff, like sleeping and taking a bottle and crying. Lots of crying at times.

Julia is also doing well. She kind of knows how to moo like a cow, but it comes out “ooooo” instead of “Moo.” Just missing that “M” I guess.

Here’s a batch of pictures that has been uploaded. Check out the galleries for even more pictures.

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Julia and Kaitlyn Together Gallery

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