What is this iPhone?

You may have heard about this new all-in-one device from Apple called the iPhone.

I think I would like to get one sometime, if it didn’t have that whole phone thing in it. I really don’t want to have a phone in there, especially one from AT&T. As for everything else in it, that’s awesome. To use it as an iPod or picture viewer, or a PIM, or just an internet browser seems very handy.

Am I alone in this thought? Maybe the next iPod will use the same basic design as the iPhone. That would be pretty neat.

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Simpsonize Me

I stumbled on this blog entry about uploading a picture of yourself to this site, and it making drawing of you in the style of the Simpsons. All you have to do is ignore the blatant advertising all around, but I guess the program doesn’t write itself…

So I tried it this afternoon. I tried it this evening. I just tried it again. And it doesn’t work.

It looks neat, and I sure would like to try it. I’ve seen opinions on both sides, going from loving it to absolutely hating it.

What do you think? Could you even get it to work?

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Kaitlyn / Julia Comparison

I’ve had a few requests to put a couple pictures together to compare what Kaitlyn and Julia look like at around the same age. So I found some pictures of Julia at about 2 weeks old and compared them with Kaitlyn now.

Kaitlyn Julia Comparison

(By the way, Kaitlyn is on the left, Julia is on the right.)

I think there’s a lot of similarities between the two. (I also think I learned about not overdoing the flash too…)

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Picture Gallery #18

There isn’t much to this picture update. However, Kaitlyn did get her very first bath this past week. Her cord fell off a couple weeks earlier than Julia’s did, I guess Kaitlyn is just advanced already…

Mom and grandma gave Kaitlyn a bath to make her smell all nice and stuff. Naturally, Kaitlyn did not really like getting a bath, and made quite the fuss. It will take some time and soon she will be loving baths like Julia does today.

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Julia & Kaitlyn Video #3

Julia continues to shower Kaitlyn with affection. Sharon has to keep Julia from getting overzealous with Kaitlyn, but that doesn’t really seem to deter Julia.

As always, Julia is caught clapping in the video (twice!). Look for Julia’s random facial expression around the 1:16 mark. I’m not exactly sure what to make of it, but it is pretty funny.

Look after the jump for the video.

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The local news has been making a big deal about today’s date. So what? Does that mean anything is going to be any luckier today? It’s amazing how people will look for coincidences, or try to find meaning where there is none.

My day hasn’t started off any luckier than any other day. Unless you count Julia only throw one piece of her breakfast at me instead of multiple pieces lucky.

If anything, all those people getting married today won’t have any excuse to forget their anniversary. That might be luckiest thing to come out of it for the guys.

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Children’s Museum

Julia got to go to the Children’s Museum yesterday. She had quite the time, and made her way around most of the place. I’m not sure on a favorite thing, but she did spend quite a bit of time playing in the small ball pit. I’m not sure why, perhaps it was familiar with the balls at home.

She got to sit in an old mail truck, play with some “doctor” tools, play with bubbles, draw with chalk, and run around for a while.

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