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Welcome Home!

Kaitlyn came home today! It’s only been two days since she was born, but both she and Mom are doing well enough to come home a day early. So far, our early fears of Julia not taking to Kaitlyn very well have (very thankfully) not come to pass.

Kaitlyn has also been (knock on wood) easier to care for than Julia when we first got home. Maybe it’s the experience, or maybe it’s the fact that Kaitlyn just sleeps all the time, or maybe it’s the fact we’ve got wonderful help lined up for the next month. Whatever it is, I’m hoping it lasts.

There’s also an adorable video that I’ll be working to get up by Monday. Keep checking back here for more updates.

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Hello Kaitlyn!

Kaitlyn Bastone joined our happy little family today at 12:23pm. She weighed in at 7lb 10oz, and was 20″ long. She met her big sister Julia this afternoon, and so far, has welcomed her with open arms. (I’m surprised too.)

This is going to be a quick post, as I need to get back to the hospital to stay with Sharon and Kaitlyn. We’re still not committed on a middle name yet, but I think we’re getting close. I’ve also uploaded a few pictures while I’m taking a really quick break to put Julia to bed.

Update: Here’s a link to Kaitlyn’s gallery.

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Picture Gallery #16

So Julia is continuing to keep us entertained. She’s just picked up kissing us, and she will kiss Sharon or me on her terms only. She walks right up to us, looks right in our face, and then goes in for the kiss. It’s really quite cute.

Tomorrow is the big day, and Julia’s world will be turned upside down. She will no longer be the single center of attention, and she’ll have to learn how to share the limelight. We’ve tried to use dolls to simulate a baby, and it hasn’t gone too well. Let’s hope things go better this weekend…

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One Week to Go

Some time in the next week, Sharon will be having the second baby. If she hasn’t gone early by next Thursday, we’ll be doing the c-section then.

I can only say things are getting a little nervous around here. We think we have everything we need, and we’ve been stocking up on diapers and wipes along the way.

What do you think we’re missing that we might need?

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Julia, Dancing (Part 2)

Julia is caught dancing in this video.

We had gotten a little pool from Petsmart to let Julia play in when it gets hot outside. While she was playing in the pool, the neighbor behind us started practicing on the drums. That’s all that Julia needed to start dancing. She even applauds herself at the end.

Look for the video after the jump.

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