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Daily Lit

Check out Daily Lit. It’s a site that e-mails you chunks of a book, at your pace. I’m reading The Jungle right now. It’s 170 parts long, and I’m a bit more than half way.

It’s a really simple way to read a book when you’re busy and don’t have a whole lot of time to sit down with a book. Most of the books are in the public domain, but that still leaves a lot of good books to read.

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Line Rider

Have you ever played with Line Rider? It’s a bit of a toy, where you draw a track for a little person on a sled to ride along. I had played with it months ago, but it just keeps coming up in my news feeds. It’s a beautifully simple concept, and achieves absolutely ridiculous results.

Someone went to the trouble of recreating the first level from Super Mario Bros. in Line Rider. Below is the video.

I couldn’t believe the amount of time someone actually put into creating this. All of my creations have basically been building a big ramp, then launching my guy on the sled into space. Sometimes, I would try to have him land on something else.

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The Worst Show on TV?

My vote is for [tag]National Bingo Night[/tag].

We watched the first “card” and I decided it had to be one of the cheapest shows I’ve ever seen. With the awful cut shots and ridiculous hype, the weird zooming in on people, the bizarre animation, the bad sponsorship (K-Mart? really?) and the low budget “cast” (host with British(?) accent, requisite model/ball handler, and odd Indian “commissioner”), the show didn’t make much sense.

Here’s the deal: contestant guesses whether the next ball drawn is higher or lower than previous ball. If contestant is right, they score the value of the ball. If not, they get nothing. Their goal is to reach 500 “miles” (lame reach for the NASCAR crowd), they win. But if someone gets Bingo by the time they hit 500, they lose and get nothing. One more thing, the audience member getting Bingo gets a $5,000 shopping spree to K-Mart.

Yippee… I could get 52 Martha Stewart Everyday Damask Blooms Comforters with it, and still have a few dollars left over.


Upgrade Complete

The WordPress portion is complete, now I’m making sure all the plugins still work like they are supposed to.


Upgrade in Progress

Upgrading WordPress to the latest version…
Things might look a little funny until it’s complete.

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Indiana Trip

A few weeks ago, we went to Indiana to visit Sharon’s family and to get Julia baptized. Needless to say, we took a few pictures along the way. In fact, I uploaded so many (16 pages!) that I decided to just create a new album for this trip.


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Julia’s First Post

Julia’s fascination with buttons has naturally led to hitting keys on a keyboard. Here’s a little something she typed up in notepad.

Click the link below to see what she typed.