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Floating Mylar Balloons

So it’s finally over. The mylar balloon from Julia’s birthday party finally came crashing back to the ground today.

Total time in the air? A whopping 70 days!

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Greensboro is #3!

In having lousy drivers, that is.

Not surprisingly, Greensboro came in #97 out of 100 cities when it came to good drivers. I’ve known for a long time that the drivers around here are just bad. Tailgating, no signals, running red lights, speeding, ignoring lane markings, it’s all normal around here. It’s amazing that car insurance is as cheap as it is.

The best cities? Des Moines, IA; Jersey City, NJ; and New York City.

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Another Julia First…

So while heading up to Indiana this weekend for a long overdue visit with Sharon’s family, we started going through the first of two tunnels.

Julia has never been through a tunnel before.

Her reaction was something of a shock. She got all concerned, but didn’t say anything at all. Instead, her eyes got really big, she looked straight ahead, and froze until we got through the tunnel.

By the second tunnel, she really didn’t care anymore. I wonder what will happen this weekend when we head back…

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Julia, Dancing

So Julia is starting to “dance” when music plays. This is an older video I took of her in the act. Look for the video after the jump.

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Picture Gallery #14

So after a long absence, the picture gallery updates are back. This one is big. I’ve uploaded over 110 pictures of Julia since late February.

5882 6012 6132
6217 6192 6262
6277 6332 6422

I don’t know why there is such huge spaces after below each row of pictures. I’m not a CSS master, and there’s a mess of it behind this site. I plan on tinkering around with it and see what the problem is.

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So I’ve had another domain for a while at I didn’t really know what to do with it, but when it came available, I jumped at the chance to get it. So it pointed to

I’ve hooked that domain up with tumblr. It’s a lot like a blog, but I’m using it for random snippets that I don’t consider post worthy. Maybe you’ll see something that you’ll enjoy.

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Tattoo Your Toddler

This site is all about tattooing your toddler.

What should we get tattooed on Julia? Maybe one of those bands around the arm? Or maybe a dolphin on the ankle? Technically, the site says it’s for ages 2 to 17, but I think we could convince them that Julia is close enough to 2 to count.

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