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Julia’s Busy Month

So Julia has had quite the busy month. She turned 1, went to the doctor (four shots!), played at the hand lab thing, had a big birthday party, and visited with her grandparents, her great-grandma, and her aunt Susan.

Julia has also started walking a bit, but still isn’t too confident about walking a lot. And she’s developed a bit of an independent streak as well. She has to feed herself most of the time, and she has quite the temper when she gets frustrated.

I’ve also uploaded a bunch of pictures of Julia. Enjoy!

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Second Ultrasound


Sharon had her second ultrasound last week. Everything is looking really good with the baby. And the biggest news of all… we’re having another girl!

We had a really hard time naming Julia. Any ideas for the second baby? Leave them in the comments.

Home Julia Photos

Happy Birthday!

Julia celebrated her very first birthday yesterday! Now her party isn’t for a little bit, but we gave her a couple presents anyway. There were some books and a ball popper thingy. For dinner, she helped herself to a mixture of mashed potatoes, acorn squash, and a little chicken thrown in. Then she had a really nice conversation with Grandma.

We also have some video with Julia playing with the ball popper. I’ll try to upload that this weekend.

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