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Catching Up, Part 2


So continuing to catch up here, I have recently started brewing my own beer. A couple weeks ago, I started brewing my very first batch, and went with something pretty neutral. I need to get the process down first before trying anything different.

After the brew sat for a couple weeks, it was time to bottle. The picture to the left is the finished result – 44 bottles of beer. Now they will sit for about a week, then they are ready for drinking.

Speaking of brewing at home, I ran across a still that makes 1.4 liters of 92 proof liquor in only 4 hours. You add the material to it like a coffee maker, turn it on, and come back 4 hours later with your booze. Of course, you could take the booze and run it through again, making it even more potent. How crazy is that? And at only $300, it might pay for itself pretty quickly. Two issues, though. The company is based in Germany, so shipping could be a pain, and it might not be exactly legal around here. And I don’t see anywhere on the site where you get the mash from.

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