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Catching Up, Part 2


So continuing to catch up here, I have recently started brewing my own beer. A couple weeks ago, I started brewing my very first batch, and went with something pretty neutral. I need to get the process down first before trying anything different.

After the brew sat for a couple weeks, it was time to bottle. The picture to the left is the finished result – 44 bottles of beer. Now they will sit for about a week, then they are ready for drinking.

Speaking of brewing at home, I ran across a still that makes 1.4 liters of 92 proof liquor in only 4 hours. You add the material to it like a coffee maker, turn it on, and come back 4 hours later with your booze. Of course, you could take the booze and run it through again, making it even more potent. How crazy is that? And at only $300, it might pay for itself pretty quickly. Two issues, though. The company is based in Germany, so shipping could be a pain, and it might not be exactly legal around here. And I don’t see anywhere on the site where you get the mash from.

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Catching Up…

I haven’t exactly been writing a whole lot this month, and I really haven’t said much about Julia lately. She is doing great, and has been learning all sorts of new things. Still not walking, but cruising all over the place. Sharon lines up the furniture and some toys so Julia can cruise throughout the living room and dining room. Julia is also learning to put shapes in her shape sorter (circles so far, no triangles or squares), babbling on and on, saying Mommy and Daddy every once in a while, and ‘playing’ the xylophone. In fact, Julia absolutely loves the mallet that came with the xylophone, she crawls around with it, hitting stuff, scraping it across tables, the floor, the cat tree, whatever is around.

I posted some pictures last week too. Here’s some I like.

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Frank Bastone

My grandfather, Frank Bastone, passed away on January 14 after a long battle with cancer. I was in NY last week for the funeral. It was sad of course, but he’s in a better place now.

Read on for the obituary.

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State of the Union Drinking Game

It’s a drinking game based on the State of the Union address tonight. I know I don’t want to play it, I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Check out a sampler of what gets you a drink: Iraq, Baghdad, elections, troops, evil, and education.

I’d be done in the first couple minutes.

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Will it Blend?

This has been floating out there for a while, but I just wanted to share it with everyone. I was fascinated by a series of videos from Will it Blend. Basically, a guy puts random stuff if the blender and tests to see if it blends. It always does. By the way, they are advertising for the blender, so it’s not just some random guy blending stuff because he’s bored.

There is something just goofy about the videos. And they are a hoot to watch. There’s something about destroying stuff that is just so appealing.

As a side note, I think putting the ads at the end of the video is a great idea. It’s amazing that people are putting ads within ads.

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Picture Gallery #13

Happy New Year! To get started the year off right, I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures of Julia over the holidays. Here’s a few of my favorites.

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