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Zeitgeist 2006

As I was looking at the Google Zeitgeist for 2006, I was saddened to learn that the most popular search term was for something I had never heard of. (It’s bebo, a site like myspace.)

After looking at that, I thought of looking at some of the searches on Google that brought people here. Here’s a few of the search terms that somehow landed someone here:

  • wmds+under+president+desk+video – I have no idea about that one.
  • thief under car achilles tendon – What does being under a car have to do with an Achilles tendon?
  • greensboro mulch online ordering – Mulch doesn’t seem to be the kind of product I can see ordering online. The shipping costs must be outrageous…
  • does george bush believe the sun revolves around earth – I hope not. He’s not that dumb.
  • why get TPed? – Why not?
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    So What Did You Get?

    So Christmas has come and gone, and lots of presents were exchanged. My favorites: a Lego Mindstorms set, and a home brew beer kit.

    The Lego kit was totally out of the blue. I had it on my wishlist but never expected to get it. The home brew kit is something I’ve wanted for a while, but could never really justify the initial expense.

    So look forward to my lego creations and my beer creations. Hopefully, they won’t mix together too much.

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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    Read on for a funny video of Julia and Sharon “singing.”


    How Santa Does It

    A professor of mechanical and aeronautical engineering at NC State has described how Santa would be able to figure out what kids want for Christmas and how to deliver all the presents in one night.

    Santa figures out what they want through all sorts of Big Brother techniques “…via a listening antenna that combines technologies currently used in cell phones and EKGs.” He also uses this information to determine the optimum route.

    The toys are handled by nano-tech, with each toy created in each house. No more Santa’s workshop, I guess.

    And all the toys (well, toy factories) are delivered through “relativity clouds,” where Santa can stretch the space/time continuum to deliver all the toys in short amount of time in our concept of time.

    Of course, this is all possible because Santa and the elves are all much more educated in the principles like quantum physics. Or maybe Santa is just an alien with all this advanced knowledge…


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    Horse Head-butt restores man’s sight…

    … and it happened in my hometown of Monticello, NY, of all places.

    To make a short story shorter, a guy lost his sight in his right eye. Horse hits him in the head, guy gets eyesight back. All happened at the racetrack (racino?) in Monticello. Doctors are baffled, guy is grateful for head-butt.

    He just better make sure he doesn’t get hit like that again. He might go back to being blind.

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    Test Video

    I’m making another attempt at adding an inline video. Here goes…
    Update: I’ve tried on a few different PCs, and it comes up on this page pretty randomly for me. However, it appears on the post page all the time for me. So click the link below to continue on to the post page…

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    I just wanted to take a moment to comment on an experience we had last week with a repair tech from Sears earlier in the week.

    Our ice maker had stopped working in our 15 month old fridge. Naturally, the warranty was for 12 months. A repair tech came out, fiddled with it for a couple minutes, and amazingly came to the conclusion that the motor was shot and needed to be replaced.

    Why was it amazing? According to Sharon, he never actually looked at the motor.

    Then we found that that a replacement would run us about $240. Thanks, but no thanks. It takes a whole lot of inconvenient manual ice making to add up to $240. So we paid the $60 for the visit (all of ten minutes), and he left.

    Later that night, we heard an odd noise come from the fridge. It was familiar, and Sharon and I just looked at each other. Water had started to fill the ice tray. A little while later, we heard the familiar crash of ice into the bucket. Apparently, the motor wasn’t shot, like our repair tech had told us.

    Now I admit, the ice maker still doesn’t seem to be perfect, but it is making ice, and it’s most of it is making it into the bucket. Some of it still gets stuck on it’s way down.

    At this point, I don’t think we are going to deal with Sears again if (when?) something happens to the fridge. And I would be hard pressed to actually get another appliance from there again.

    So, in closing, many thanks a lot Sears for trying to sell us something we didn’t need!

    (BTW, thanks to The Consumerist for popularizing the term “Blogobitchin.” I’m not that creative to come up with something like that…)
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    Julia & A Christmas Tree


    Julia has discovered the wonders of the Christmas tree. She was also very helpful in pulling out the lights for Sharon.

    I think we have a few good things going for us right now. First, the tree didn’t have a whole lot of low hanging branches. I think Julia will have a hard time pulling the tree over. For that matter, the kitty will also have a hard time knocking the tree down. Second, Sharon placed a bunch of presents around the base, so Julia won’t be able to get into the water reservoir and splash around. That’s what the kitty’s water bowl is for.


    One Month…

    It’s been a month already since we lost Ken. And it’s still painful to think about it. I think about what could have been, had he come here for Christmas, or if he decided not to ride that day, or if he even left a minute earlier or later. I know it doesn’t do any good to dwell on those “what-ifs,” yet I do it anyway.

    I’ve finally looked through some of the pictures I got when I was there. Some of them are in Ken’s gallery. There are more pictures I need to look through, and hopefully will have them up here tomorrow.

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    Free Doritos?

    Well, sort of.

    If you’re on the Outer Banks, and don’t mind going to the beach to pick some up. A container on a ship fell off, and the Doritos washed ashore.

    Now I’ve got a few questions.

  • How many bags of Doritos fit in a container?
  • How does a container fall off a ship?
  • How many Doritos can one person or family really need?
  • My favorite part of the article:

    David Dixon, an Avon attorney and amateur video­grapher, wasted no time in taking video footage to make a 30-second commercial. Doritos is running a promotion that invites fans to post their own homemade commercials

    It’s probably not the kind of publicity they are looking for.