Christmas Already?

I ran across an article about a mall in Chicago that is all decked out in it’s Christmas stuff. Wal-Mart has decided to start cutting prices on all sort of junk already. (I still wouldn’t go there, regardless of the sales.)

Today, we shopped at Target, and the Christmas section was already full of stuff. In fact, it was crowding in on the Halloween stuff over a week ago. Then at Office Depot (side note, they have a 50 pack of DVD+R and DVD-R for only $13, it’s a great deal!) the Christmas music was already playing. We’ve even seen the Christmas tree places starting to set up their shops. At least they know when to start selling trees.

Is it just me, or did [tag]Christmas[/tag] start way too early this year? I fear that people will just be sick of it when we finally do get there, two months from now. I’m perfectly content with waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to start the season, and have a month-long sprint to the big day, instead of this two month marathon.

There might be one upside though. If they are cutting prices this much already, just wait for the sales that we are bound to see in the coming weeks.