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Announcing Baby #2…


It’s official. We’ve known for over a month now that Sharon was pregnant, but have sat on the news until we went to the doctor for an ultrasound to make sure everything looked okay. Sharon went to the doctor today for an ultrasound, everything looked fine, and she’s nine weeks along. The due date is tentatively set for July 3, 2007, but with the issues that came up with Julia, we’ll be scheduling a c-section a week or two before that.

Ideally, we wanted a little bit more time between having kids. There will only be about 17.5 months between and we would have liked it closer to two or two and a half years. This still works, at least they won’t be several years apart.

So here’s to starting off another baby on this site. I hope I still have time for writing to this site after July…


Ken Bastone

I haven’t been able to post anything for a while now, and am just feeling up to it again.

On Saturday, November 11, Ken (my brother) was killed in a motorcycle accident. I’ve created a page for him, separate from this blog.

I’m still struggling to deal with the situation. It was overwhelming to see the entire community come to mourn our loss and to celebrate his life. Ken always lived life to the fullest. I was told (and reminded of) many stories that gave everyone a good laugh.

You’ll see a new heading at the top of the screen for the separate page on Ken. I’ll update that with whatever you want to send me. I’ve got some pictures I need to sort through, but would love some more pictures.

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Worst iPod Accessory Ever

I was looking through one of the great catalogs that I randomly get from B&H, and saw the iCarta+.

My favorite quote from the product description:

The iCarta is great for playing music while you’re in the shower, or for any other occasion.

Any other occasion? How long do you really spend in the bathroom, wishing you could listen to your music? And why would you spend $90 on this? A small stereo, or small speakers, can do the same thing.Except dispense toilet paper.

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Election Crap

It’s a little bit dated, but I wanted to throw it out there anyway. I used one of those touchscreen voting machines last Tuesday, and it went incredibly smoothly. While I was making my selections, there was a roll of paper behind plexiglass on the left side that would print every choice I made.

So that was that. No controversy, no nothing, just a very orderly process. Hope it’s like that the next time around.

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Picture Gallery #11

Another batch of pictures have been uploaded to the picture gallery. Lately, Julia has been playing outside in the leaves. She’s also figured out how to stick out her tongue. It’s very Michael Jordan-esque.

4702 4677 4538

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Christmas Already?

I ran across an article about a mall in Chicago that is all decked out in it’s Christmas stuff. Wal-Mart has decided to start cutting prices on all sort of junk already. (I still wouldn’t go there, regardless of the sales.)

Today, we shopped at Target, and the Christmas section was already full of stuff. In fact, it was crowding in on the Halloween stuff over a week ago. Then at Office Depot (side note, they have a 50 pack of DVD+R and DVD-R for only $13, it’s a great deal!) the Christmas music was already playing. We’ve even seen the Christmas tree places starting to set up their shops. At least they know when to start selling trees.

Is it just me, or did [tag]Christmas[/tag] start way too early this year? I fear that people will just be sick of it when we finally do get there, two months from now. I’m perfectly content with waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to start the season, and have a month-long sprint to the big day, instead of this two month marathon.

There might be one upside though. If they are cutting prices this much already, just wait for the sales that we are bound to see in the coming weeks.