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No More Bling!


We were walking through Target yesterday, and I noticed a Hello Kitty digital camera “with bling.” Even the price tag for the camera said “Digital With Bling.”

What is it with calling anything that sparkles bling? Does the act of putting “bling” on a cheap digital camera suddenly make it more attractive?

As of this post, you will never see me write anything about bling again.

Curious side note: what in the world is the “exclusive Hello Kitty photo editing software?”

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World Series Thought

I’m not watching the [tag]World Series[/tag] this year for a couple reasons. First, I don’t really care about the outcome. Second, and more important, I can’t stay up that late to watch it. The game doesn’t start until about 8:30, and with the trend in games now, it won’t end until about midnight. I get up for work at 5:00, and I need more than five hours of sleep to function properly.

I found it odd that the [tag]Detroit Tigers[/tag] and [tag]St. Louis Cardinals[/tag] are both in. Both teams essentially backed into the playoffs. In the last month of the season, Detroit went 11-16 and St. Louis went 11-17. With that (lack of) momentum, I thought both teams would have just went out quietly in the first round. But it seems like they flipped a switch and they were ready for the postseason.

St. Louis was barely a .500 team. You have to go back to 1973 to find a World Series team with a worse record (Mets, 82-79).