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Julia’s First Halloween

Julia “celebrated” her first Halloween by dressing up as a fairy. Sharon made a wand to go with the costume, which Julia proceeded to hold on to quite tightly.

We only went to a few houses, at which point Julia really wanted to get back home. We then gave out less than half of our Halloween candy. (What gives? We even had full size candy bars this year, none of that snack size crap.)

Anyway, here’s some pictures of Julia’s [tag]Halloween[/tag] Adventure.

4473 4458 4433

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Julia Video

Happy Julia Video

I’m making my first real attempt at uploading a video to the site. I haven’t figured out a way to easily embed it in the site, or how to convert an avi file to a flash file. (If you know of a way, leave it in the comments.)

Anyway, here is a video of Julia being happy. Right click on the link and save the file.


Spammers in Greensboro

Earlier this week, I ran across an article where someone in Greensboro was sending out spam messages from a local cafe.

I didn’t necessarily find that the interesting part, but the article itself. It seems to assume the reader has almost no knowledge of many basic principles. Examples: it explains what spam is, that spam is annoying, and that Wi-Fi lets you “tap the Internet without wires.” I guess I figured that anyone reading the article would know about that.

One last thing I took away. The owner thinks the spammer was up to mischief. I disagree. They saw an opportunity to send millions of messages without paying for the bandwidth and they took advantage of the situation. No mischief there, just pure greed.

Random Web

TP Insurance

While on the way home today, I was listening to the radio. During the mindless banter between songs and commercials, the DJ was talking about how a girl in Texas is offering TP Insurance for Halloween.

Here’s how it works: you give her $10. If your house gets TPed on Halloween, she and her friends clean it up. And the money goes to charity.

I think this is pretty inventive. I’m sure they could charge even more if they wanted to. I’m just curious to see how many houses get TPed. But they don’t do eggs or “forks”. Not sure what those forks are, any ideas?

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Gadgets Random

No More Bling!


We were walking through Target yesterday, and I noticed a Hello Kitty digital camera “with bling.” Even the price tag for the camera said “Digital With Bling.”

What is it with calling anything that sparkles bling? Does the act of putting “bling” on a cheap digital camera suddenly make it more attractive?

As of this post, you will never see me write anything about bling again.

Curious side note: what in the world is the “exclusive Hello Kitty photo editing software?”

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World Series Thought

I’m not watching the [tag]World Series[/tag] this year for a couple reasons. First, I don’t really care about the outcome. Second, and more important, I can’t stay up that late to watch it. The game doesn’t start until about 8:30, and with the trend in games now, it won’t end until about midnight. I get up for work at 5:00, and I need more than five hours of sleep to function properly.

I found it odd that the [tag]Detroit Tigers[/tag] and [tag]St. Louis Cardinals[/tag] are both in. Both teams essentially backed into the playoffs. In the last month of the season, Detroit went 11-16 and St. Louis went 11-17. With that (lack of) momentum, I thought both teams would have just went out quietly in the first round. But it seems like they flipped a switch and they were ready for the postseason.

St. Louis was barely a .500 team. You have to go back to 1973 to find a World Series team with a worse record (Mets, 82-79).



A Quick Rant, Part 3

My car is finally fixed. And it only took three trips to the dealer. To recap:

    Called on 9/25 to schedule the first appointment for 9/27. The purpose of that trip was to get the car inspected, get the oil changed, and get the emergency brake cable replaced.
    On 9/27, I go to the dealer, wait for two hours, and find out that they don’t have the e-brake cable. They have changed the oil though, so I guess I don’t go home with nothing. But they won’t do the inspection because the e-brake “won’t hold enough weight.” They order the cable, it arrives 9/29, and I get a call to schedule another appointment for 10/2.
    On 10/2, I go back. Wait another two hours. Find out that they missed a part and they need to reorder. But this time, they pass my inspection. I guess the e-brake was good enough for the inspection this time.
    Call on 10/11 to find out status of cable. Cable just arrived. Schedule third appointment on 10/17.
    Third appointment on 10/17. Car fixed in about two hours.

So all in all, I got to wait for six hours for this e-brake cable to get fixed. After all this, there are a couple obvious things to suggest.

  • How about checking your inventory when scheduling an appointment where you know something is going to be replaced?
  • Shouldn’t there be a parts list to check when getting parts in?
  • One more thing. Just a quick thanks to President Bush. You came to Greensboro yesterday, pushed the awful No Child Left Behind Act, raised $600,000 for the RNC, and left. Oh yeah, you blocked up traffic all along my commute home, so a 30 minute ride took nearly an hour. Thanks!

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    Gadgets Random Web

    Mini Deep Fryer

    Deep FryerIt’s a mini deep fryer. You know, for when it’s just too much work to take your Fry Daddy out and make some greasy fried foods.

    What’s next? One for taking on the road? One for the bedroom?

    If you just need to have something like this, chance are, you probably really don’t need it. Chances are, nobody needs this.

    Then again, you can fry up some Coke and avoid going to the state fair all together.

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    Home Julia Photos

    Picture Showcase #10

    There are some more posted pictures in the gallery. Lately, she has discovered that apples taste pretty good, but finds that her gums don’t work very well when trying to eat them. On the tooth front, there is one that is clearly visible. It won’t take too long until that tooth is chomping away at an apple.

    4230 4315 4350

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    Oil Cheaper Than Coke?

    An oil exec claims that oil is cheaper than Coke.


    Oil is cheaper than a lot of things. Like a house, or a car, or bottled water. Well, fancy bottled water. Maybe it’s even cheaper than Pepsi.

    I see an important distinction between Oil and Coke. I don’t have to (and I don’t) drink Coke, or any sort of soda for that matter. If I want to work, I need to drive to work. And since nearly every car out there runs on some sort of petroleum, I have to buy gas.

    Statements like these just attempt to confuse the matter. But in reality, it makes the exec look quite foolish.

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