Should I Get an MBA?

I have been facing a dilemma for the last few weeks. I have had a nagging feeling that I want to do something more than what I am doing now. An obvious path is to go back to school. But what would I go back to school for? To get an M.S. in Chemical Engineering?

Currently, I don’t use much of my ChemE degree. So getting an M.S. in that wouldn’t really do much. So I thought about maybe pursuing a different engineering degree. What degree, I don’t know. Maybe an EE degree.

I could also get an MBA. UNCG has an MBA program. I’m only about 15 minutes away, and I can get a tuition reimbursement from work. The only downside is that it would take about four years, taking a couple classes at a time.

The only problem with that? I’m not really planning on being here another four years, especially four years, starting August 2007. Then again, I wasn’t really planning on being here five and a half years, either.

What do you think? Is getting an MBA really worth it?