It’s the [tag]Babykeeper[/tag], or, as the picture might suggest, your own personal toilet paper dispenser. Simply put, it’s a harness that you hook on to a bathroom stall. They hang there and watch you do your business. Then hand you toilet paper.

Seriously though, this could be handy for people who have to use the bathroom while they are out alone with their child. But carrying something around like this just doesn’t seem practical to me.


Useless eBay Auctions

Sharon was looking at auctions on eBay, and ran across one selling expired Enfamil checks.

It’s four dollars in useless checks. Obviously, no one has bid on it. Who in their right mind would pay at least a dollar (plus shipping!) for expired checks?

Apparently, someone will. Here’s another auction, where someone bought $20 in expired checks for $16.50. There’s no guarantee that a store will even accept them. But someone is willing to take that chance to save a whopping $3.50.


Super Knife

Knife Well, it’s a really big knife. According to the article, there are 85 different functions. Here’s a couple favorites:

  • Mineral crystal magnifier with precision screwdriver
  • Bike chain rivet setter, removable 5m allen wrench, screwdriver for slotted and Phillips head screws
  • Golf club face cleaner
  • Flashlight
  • Laser Pointer
  • Two(!) keyrings
  • Now this “knife” weighs two pounds and is nine inches long. I think I’ll just stick with my pocket knife with a couple blades and the different screw bits.


    Pluto is What?

    I don’t care what the IAU says, I still consider Pluto a planet.

    So now we have to worry about planets, dwarf planets, and small solar system bodies? And would NASA have sent a probe to a dwarf planet? I mean, it’s only a dwarf planet, after all. What’s next? Send a probe to 2003 UB313? Who wouldn’t want to know about 2003 UB313? What an exciting name!

    What do you think? Should Pluto have been kicked out?


    I Don’t Get It…

    So President Bush had a press conference earlier in the week and has been pretty much ripped to pieces in the press.

    The article from Slate made me think about the whole quagmire in Iraq a little differently. The article was dead on. There is no strategy there, it is just an ideology. And while having an ideology is nice, it doesn’t mean much when you’re trying to settle a country in a civil war. We need a real plan now.

    Maybe Bush should just keep a low profile for a bit. Giving news conferences just isn’t his strong point.


    A Big Motorcyle…

    I was taking Susan back to the airport last night and listening to the radio. There was a commercial for the Vulcan 2000. My first thought was, “A 2-liter motorcycle? Why?”

    So I hopped online, and found the Vulcan 2000. Now this motorcycle is all of 750 lb, and has a larger displacement than my car. It’s only a 1.8 liter, but it a turbo. Why in the world does someone need that large of an engine on a motorcycle?

    Maybe someone can help me out here…