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Julia’s First Drawing

We were in Target today, and saw these big crayons that would be perfect for Julia to play with. Of course, we got the crayons and took Julia home to draw something.


Now maybe drawing isn’t the best term, and Sharon did help Julia get the crayon on by holding the paper and handing her the crayons. But the scribbling action back and forth – now that’s all Julia.

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He did what?

I don’t think President Bush handles himself very well at international events. The whole G8 summit was a perfect example.

He made all sorts of off hand remarks that were recorded. Tony Blair had to turn off the microphone. Then he gave the chancellor of Germany an unexpected neck rub? What? Does W. need some sexual harassment training? This is so stupid, it’s funny.

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I was surfing over on Lifehacker a couple days ago and noticed a program called BabySplat. It’s a wonderful little program that will put random lines or shapes on the screen and play a noise with any key press.

Julia was facinated by the noise and the lines/shapes. But she kept holding down the keys and the program kept on putting more lines and shapes down, and made only the first bits of noise. Still, it got us quite the laugh to see Julia staring down the lines as they popped up on the screen.


Brinkley for Governor

Finally, a candidate I would vote for. If I only lived in Alaska.

A dog is running as a write-in candidate for governor. It reminds me of my campaign many years ago for GM. The memories. Any proceeds go to charity, so it wasn’t like my campaign, where we just wanted to have some fun.
Apparently, it’s picked up a bit of attention too.

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Fireworks in D.C.

We spent this past Fourth of July in D.C. with Susan and IssacIsaac. We were going to spend the afternoon on the Mall, then go to a high school somewhere north of the Mall that gave us a view of both the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Unfortunately, a whole bunch of other people had similar ideas.

We walked down to the Mall and ran into a parade. I think we ran into the end of it, because all we saw were some Vietnam-era helicopters and a group of people celebrating 40 years of Hare Krishna. Then a bunch of cops flew by.

Finally, we made it to the Smithsonian. Where, of course, a bunch of people were standing in line, waiting to get in. But at this point, Julia was not a happy camper. Waiting another 20 minutes in the heat was not an option. So we headed back to the apartment. It ended up being a good thing, though, as a thunderstorm rolled through later in the afternoon.

For the fireworks, we went to a high school somewhere north of the Mall. We got there about half an hour before they started, and there were already several people there. Kids were shooting off those cheap fireworks and sparklers on a fenced-off basketball court. When the fireworks did start, the kids shooting off the fireworks decided they needed to compete. Things started getting out of hand when a couple fireworks popped only a few feet away from us. The fireworks themselves were pretty good. Except for one thing – the smoke from the fireworks drifted into our view.

We gave up and went home. On the way, there were people setting off fireworks of all sorts. It was chaos, just absolutely crazy.

Anyway, here’s a couple pictures from our day there.